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Botox vs. Fillers: Choosing the Right Injectable for Your Concerns

Injectables are extremely popular and effective treatments to address the signs of aging and also to enhance facial features. The two most common injectables include Botox and fillers. While both Read More

Lutronic Genius RF Microneedling: Radiofrequency Technology for Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles, while natural, can affect confidence and self-esteem. They often stem from reduced collagen and elastin, resulting in fine lines and sagging skin. Beyond aesthetic concerns, wrinkles may signify sun Read More

Understanding CoolSculpting: A Non-Invasive Approach to Body Contouring

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction technology that was approved for dermatological use in 2009. The scientists who developed it made a correlation between cold and fat reduction after observing that Read More

FAQs About CoolSculpting

Frequently Asked Questions about CoolSculpting Excess weight can be difficult to lose. Pregnancy, aging, poor diet, and lack of exercise can all lead to excess fat deposits. Our dermatologist can help Read More

The Role of Genetics in Wrinkle Formation

Wrinkles can be a natural part of aging but there are other factors to wrinkles that you may not have considered. Environmental factors can play a part in wrinkles, but Read More

FAQs About Keralase

If you're concerned about thinning hair our Tulsa, OK, dermatologist can offer a variety of treatment options that may be able to help, such as KeraLase, which will be explored Read More

Should You Consider Skin Tightening Treatment?

As we age, there are certain signs that will begin to show on our skin. This means wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. This happens because our body doesn’t produce Read More

Staff Pick: Altreno Lotion For Adult Acne

Evolve your skin with this month’s staff pick: Altreno. This new prescription tretinoin lotion fights adult acne while also keeping skin hydrated at the same time. It's formulated specifically to minimize Read More

Summer Skincare Savings At Our Open House!

We are so excited for our annual open house Wednesday, July 26th! You can shop and save online from 6:00 AM until midnight, or stop by our med spa from Read More

IPL Photofacial - The Secret to Ageless Skin

Every single day, our amazing skin is going to battle for us. It’s fighting air pollutants, potentially harmful rays from the sun, and the normal toll that aging takes on Read More

Uncovering Top Skin Care Secrets - Part Two

In today's busy world and often frantic pace of life, scheduling time to take care of ourselves is an enormous challenge. Here at Tulsa Hills Cosmetic and Laser Skin Center, Read More

Uncovering Top Skin Care Secrets - PART ONE

Uncovering Top Skin Care Secrets - PART ONE There are few compliments sweeter than being told "No way, you look fantastic!" after you've revealed your age to someone. So what's the Read More

CoolSculpting - More Than Hype?

If you've ever done an online search about losing weight, you have opened the virtual Pandora's Box of weight loss ads. From magical gummies to aggressive surgeries, there is no Read More

5 Benefits of Regular Skin Exams: Why You Should Get Checked by a Dermatologist

Just like our vehicles can undergo a diagnostic test, we should be having our skin examined regularly by a licensed and professional Dermatologist. What are some of the benefits to Read More

What Is Botox®? Everything You Want to Know

If you're considering getting a Botox® Cosmetic injection, you may have a lot of questions. What is Botox®? How does it work? When will I see results? This article will answer Read More

Sculptra® Injections - Activate Your Skin's Regenerative Process

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and volume. One of the most popular ways to help restore collagen levels in the face is through injectable treatments. Read More

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