PicoWay Tattoo Removal

PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal in Tulsa, OK

1 in 7 American adults who have a tattoo regret getting one. Tattoos can be difficult to remove due to the depth of the ink, the color, and skin tone. Older lasers had limited success from the inability to target these variables. However, our state of the art technology provides excellent results.

Our new PicoWay® laser provides the most advanced technology with fewer treatments, faster results, and minimized risk. This laser is FDA approved for a wide range of tattoos, offering better results in fewer treatments. With a fast delivery of concentrated, high-power energy, the laser shatters the tiniest ink particles to make it easier for the body to clear the tattoo ink. The laser’s fast pulses transfer the least amount of heat to the skin causing minimal discomfort.

At Tulsa Hills Cosmetic and Laser Skin Center, we provide our patients with access to treatment with the PicoWay® laser, the new gold standard for laser tattoo removal. If you would like more information about our picoway tattoo removal services or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment at our Tulsa, Oklahoma office to see if you qualify for treatment, contact us today!

What is the PicoWay® Laser?

The PicoWay® is a cutting-edge new method of laser tattoo removal that removes tattoos more completely, quickly, and comfortably than any other laser technique available today. In the past, removing tattoos with laser tattoo removal treatments has proven to be difficult because of the depth and color of the ink that is sometimes used in the tattoo. But with the PicoWay® (picoway tattoo removal), patients can remove tattoos of all colors, sizes, and pigmentation depths with only minimal discomfort and downtime.

How does it Work?

Tattoos are created by injecting different pigments deep into the skin using a tattoo gun. Laser tattoo removal works by using heat to break up these pigments, allowing them to be naturally absorbed and disposed of by the body. Traditional laser tattoo removal methods deliver this laser energy to the pigment in a constant, steady beam. This heats up the skin quickly, making treatment painful and often damaging to the skin.

With the PicoWay® laser, heat is delivered to the patient’s desired treatment area in ultra-short pulses — each of these bursts is measured in a unit of time called a picosecond. One picosecond is equal to one trillionth of a second. These ultra-fast bursts have a photo-acoustic effect on the tattoo’s pigments, breaking them up quickly and completely. The intensity of this energy breaks up even the smallest of tattoo pigments, ensuring that patients are able to have their tattoos entirely removed after a series of treatment sessions.

What are the Benefits of the PicoWay® Laser?

The PicoWay® Laser has a number of unique benefits that separate it from similar methods of tattoo removal. These include:

  • Fewer treatments
  • Faster results
  • Minimized risk and side effects

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Our technicians have undergone extensive training and certifications to ensure that they deliver safe treatments that produce effective results for all of our patients. Call (918) 293-1287 or Contact us today for more information about picoway tattoo removal treatment, or to schedule a consultation appointment.

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