eMatrix Sublative Laser

If you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging and reinvigorate your skin to what it was when you were younger, there are a few options you can take. You can use BOTOX® or other dermal fillers, but those are painful and require needles. You can go the surgical route, but that’s even more painful and puts you out of work and your life for a matter of weeks.

Skin Renewal of Tulsa has a better idea. Treat your skin’s issues with the eMatrix™ Sublative Laser. This non-invasive, non-surgical method of skin treatment rejuvenates your face without painful needles or harsh chemicals. Call our Tulsa, OK offices today to schedule your eMatrix™ Sublative Laser consultation.

How Does the eMatrix™ Sublative Laser Work?

Unlike other lasers, which use concentrated beams of light to overheat the skin, the eMatrix™ Sublative Laser system uses radiofrequency waves to heat the area under the surface of the skin without doing damage to the uppermost dermal layer.

The heat of the radio waves disrupts this newer, younger skin and encourages the growth of collagen and elastin. The collagen fills the deep recesses of the skin, filling it out and providing a smoother appearance.

Traditional lasers use CO2 lasers to burn off the top layer of skin, causing the body to boost collagen to replace the older skin. This will eventually provide smooth skin, but heating the outside layer like that causes the skin to burn and look red for the days following the procedure.

Radio Frequency waves pass through the first layer of skin and immediately go to work on the skin underneath it, producing the same collagen-boosting results, but leaving the skin intact. The eMatrix™ Sublative Laser is safe for all skin types and results in less downtime than other laser systems.

What Does eMatrix™ Help Treat?

One of the most popular uses for this laser is for the reversal of acne scarring. Because this laser keeps the outermost layer of the skin intact, the chances for hyperpigmentation or white spots on darker skin is eliminated. You can also use eMatrix™ for getting rid of sunspots and age spots. Because the goal of the procedure is to encourage additional collagen growth naturally, skin issues are fixed without additional scarring or pigmentation.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Because facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the body, you can expect to feel some tenderness and sensitivity around the treated areas in the days after the procedure. There may also be some slight swelling and the feeling as if you’re sunburnt.

It’s best to avoid using makeup for a few days, and you should also avoid prolonged contact with the sun. If sun exposure is unavoidable, use a high SPF sunscreen.

The eMatrix™ Sublative Laser system is a safe alternative to harsh lasers or facial procedures. If you’re ready to rejuvenate the skin on your face, call for your consultation today.

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